If you were lucky enough to find something shiny underneath the tree at Christmas, such as some dazzling jewellery or a beautiful new timepiece, you’re probably thinking about the best way to store it securely when you’re not wearing it.

The ideal place is of course a safe, but even if you already have a safe in your home, you may want to check the rating in case it needs to be upgraded for insurance purposes.

Safes are sold and listed according to their cash and valuables rating. This determines the level of cover guaranteed by the safe manufacturer and insurer. Jewellery/ valuables cover is always ten times the cash rating. Here at Insafe we offer the following ratings on our safes:

Safe GradeCash RatingJewellery/ Valuables
Grade 0£6,000£60,000
Grade I£10,000£100,000
Grade II£17,500£175,000
Grade III£35,000£350,000
Grade IV£60,000£600,000
Grade V£100,000£1,000,000
Grade VI£150,000£1,500,000

Insafe is the preferred supplier to most of the UK’s leading insurers. Exclusive to customers referred by their Insurance Company or Insurance Broker, our Private Client & Insurance Liaison Service is designed to give you the very best. The best security, the best products and the best service. And the best price, guaranteed.

All of our safes are approved by the AiS, The Association of Insurance Surveyors, a respected body of risk control experts working in the UK insurance market. Only safes that have been fully tested and certified by independent testing houses will gain an AiS certificate.

What’s more, at Insafe we offer of graded Designer Safes that you can customize to fit your exacting requirements, from adding watch winders and jewellery drawers, to internal lighting and a range of exterior finishes- the options are endless!

Rest assured, you’re safe with us. When you order a safe from Insafe we can liaise with your Insurance Company or Insurance Broker, many of which we know well, to check that your safe will be fully approved.