Insafe is pleased to announce that it has become Gunnebo’s Sole UK Distribution Partner for the sales and marketing of Chubbsafes. Insafe will now provide the sales, service and customer support to all existing and new Gunnebo UK safe storage accounts.


A vital part of Gunnebo’s Business Unit Safe Storage’s strategy is to differentiate the go-to-market-model between direct and indirect sales. In the UK the Group now move into a partnership model for sales and distribution of safes, where a partnership agreement has been signed with the oldest, leading and now largest safe distributor in the UK – Insafe.  

“With Insafe as our selected partner in the UK we will get an excellent market coverage with a very professional company as well as getting an opportunity to further grow our business in the UK market”, comments Stefan Syrén, SVP Business Unit Safe Storage. “Now we can focus on what we are really good at in Gunnebo – to drive innovation and provide fit-for-purpose offerings to customer verticals wanting to protect valuables. Insafe can in turn get an even better opportunity to serve customer needs in the UK and an opportunity to have a direct impact on product development and offering from Gunnebo for the targeted customer verticals”. 

“This partnership is a unique opportunity for Insafe as the UK’s leading and largest safe company to combine our renowned customer service with the esteemed Chubbsafes brand”, comments Alan Bullock, Insafe’s Founder & Chair. “Bringing together two of the industry’s leaders, this ground-breaking initiative will offer existing and new customers a synergy of the very best service levels combined with world-class products”.

This partnership will be in place from 1st November 2019.