Safe Locks

Matrix 100

Semi-automatic High Security Electronic Lock.

Safes, Keysafes, Weapon Lockers, Data Safes, Fire-proof Safes, ATMs.

Opens by rotating the keypad half a turn.

UK Installation Service.

Our nationwide Safe Engineers and Master Locksmiths provide a 24 hour service.

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Safety classification

VdS 2 (B)

Switch motor/solenoid/manual release


Master code


User code


Manipulation blockout


Battery external


Our Product Development Team will provide hardware and software solutions to resolve safe and lock problems.

From designing and manufacturing parts to convert old key locking safes to accept electronic time locks to creating and writing software to enable specific time locks set-ups and automatic bolt-locking anti-robbery devices.

VdS is an independent institution which has been ensuring safety and trust in security for many decades. As one of Germany’s leading independent testing institutions for fire protection and security, VdS has gained the trust of all groups involved in the safety and security.
The European Certification Body GmbH has over 40 years experience in testing and certifying quality security technology. The ECB is accredited to EN 45011 to carry out the testing on security products to European standards.